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There are four standard battery sizes used in today's hearing instruments. All hearing aid batteries are color coded with a tabbed label, the colors differentiate the battery size. This is according to a world-wide standard for the industry.


Binaural Advantage

When a person has hearing loss in both ears, the hearing healthcare provider will usually recommend two hearing aids. This is because there are many benefits of hearing with two hearing aids. Similar to the way refractory problems in both eyes are treated with a pair of glasses, it makes sense that bilateral hearing loss should be treated with binaural hearing aids.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Hearing instruments are durable and can withstand normal wear and handling, they are not indestructible. The majority of hearing instrument repairs are due to moisture damage and ear wax build-up. Following a few simple daily steps will extend the life and service of your hearing instruments.


Hearing Loss

Hearing loss typically occurs gradually over a long span of time. Because the loss is not sudden, the effects may be difficult to recognize. The same is often true of failing eyesight, when signs are not as clear and reading small print becomes difficult. With hearing loss, we begin to adjust to hearing changes and forget the clarity of sound we enjoyed with normal hearing.


Managing Expectations

If you know what to expect from your hearing aids, you'll be free to enjoy the improvements they can make in your life. Hearing instruments are much like eyeglasses – they improve vision without curing the underlying reasons for vision loss. In the same way, hearing instruments are aids to better hearing but neither cure hearing loss nor restore perfect hearing. Each individual has unique experiences and a specific type and degree of hearing loss. It is important to have reasonable expectations to avoid the frustration that can come from expecting results that cannot be achieved.


Treatment of Hearing Loss

Treatment options depend on the type of hearing loss, some types are medically or surgically correctible. However the majority of us have hearing loss that is sensorineural in nature which is effectively treated with hearing instruments, not by medications or surgery.