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Arro® RIC (Family)

The Arro® family of Receiver In the Canal products offers an ideal blend of flexible choices and powerful performance in a 2,  6, or 12 channel circuitry.

Placing the receiver in the ear canal provides a natural listening experience without the clutter of background noise.  The advanced technology of the Arro® offers clear hearing in most environments allowing you to enjoy dining out, talking with friends and listening to the soft sounds of nature.

  • Three (3) Hi-Def Receiver choices - Wideband, Power and High Power.
  • Environmental recognition system employs a layered noise reduction algorithm reducing background sounds in noisy environments creating the clearest sound possible
  • Third generation adaptive feedback canceler providing faster adaptation time, thus allowing for higher added stable gain

It supports Softwave® System - advanced technology provides a clear comfortable signal even when abrupt irritating noises are present. The Softwave System is constantly working to monitor incoming sound. When the detector sees that there is a signal appearing at the input that is much larger than the long-term average measurement in the detector, the FAST mode is triggered, and the fast attack and release times are applied. The benefit of the Softwave detection is that the compressor gain can be reduced by the time the large signal hits the compressor, so that ‘overshoot’ does not occur, which may cause clipping distortion.