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Catamaran Swim Plugs

Protect your ears while swimming, showering and enjoying watersports.

The Catamaran is a custom fit ear piece that offers excellent protection of the ear. Your molds can also double as hearing protection with a 28dB NRR rating. These earplugs are fabricated using the JB1000 medical grade silicone that offers a unique flexibility and softness.

Great for Adults and Kids, plus they FLOAT!


Noise Reduction
28dB NRR
Average Attenuation 37+dB.

Available in solid or swirled colors to match your style

1 year guarantee against material or workmanship defects

Benefits of swimming ear protection

  • Protection from waterborne infection such as swimmer's ear.
  • Prevents the general discomfort of water sitting in the ear.
  • Protects the ear canal against damaging exposure to chemicals in pools or bacteria in other bodies of water.