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ACS Pro Series Hearing Protection


The PRO filter series has been designed with the wearer in mind. For starters, it's smaller than many competing filters, meaning that it can fit into smaller ears without any protrusion – which is great for both comfort and aesthetics. The filters are also user-swappable so you can chop and change as your environment demands to any other filter in the PRO range, giving you complete control over your protection with just a single set of earmolds. In addition, the PRO series are water resistant so they can be used outside or in high moisture environments and can withstand perspiration without it damaging the filter membrane.

Our custom fit PRO Series earplugs have been designed from scratch to our very own specification.

Whether you need them for a work or leisure environment, choose your PRO below.

The soft medical-grade silicone so you get the very best in isolation and fit, allowing you to wear them for hours at a time without fatigue or discomfort. Each earpiece is manufactured to the highest standards ensuring you get a comfortable, discreet and effective hearing protector that can be fitted quickly, easily and securely every time.

Note: PRO Earplugs require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit.

To help you make an informed choice, check out our PRO Series comparison guide or use the general guide below.

Pro10 – For acoustic musicians and small ensembles. Light protection in everyday environments.

Pro15 – Orchestral musicians.

Pro17 – DJs, vocalists, amplified instrument players, sound engineers, gig goers, clubbers.

Pro20 – Extra High frequency protection, ideal for drummers.

Pro26 – For venue staff and people exposed to high levels of noise for long periods of time. Good for industrial use.

Pro27 – Best suited for motorcyclists and motorsport. Thinner sound tube on mold to help reduce wind noise under a helmet.

Blank - Turn your PRO custom hearing protection into Total Blocks

For information on safe listening times using ACS PRO Series products check out our guide.



Our lowest sound reduction hearing protectors.

Great for acoustic musicians, small ensembles, and anyone who isn't exposed to high noise levels for long periods of time.

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A subtle filter with a medium attenuation.

Suitable for unplugged musicians including vocalists, wood and brass musicians, and orchestras.

Sloping up in the higher frequencies for protection against heavily played wind instruments

The PRO15 solves this with a flat 12dB protection up to the midrange and then a gentle curve up to 15dB at the high end where many of the dangerous blasts from wind instruments sit.

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The most versatile and natural sounding hearing protector in the world.

The standard for amplified musicians, DJ's, vocalists, sound engineers, clubbers and gig-goers.

Features a flat 17dB protection across the board-Keeping all frequencies in check relative to one another means you get to hear the music just as it should sound – but 17dB quieter with no loss of high or low frequencies

PRO17 provides a balanced reproduction but, for vocal performers, its vented design reduces occlusion, giving your voice a more natural sound.

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Designed to soften harsh high frequency sounds.

Ideal hearing protector for drummers and some industrial uses.

PRO20 acoustic filter has been designed to provide relatively flat attenuation to remove low frequency sounds but also progressive dampening at approximately 4kHz up to remove higher frequency sounds that can more readily damage your hearing.

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For use in very loud and challenging environments.

Used in a wide variety of industrial environments, as well as by sound engineers, amplified musicians and venue staff.

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Exceptional attenuation in dangerously loud high frequency environments.

Used in extreme industry environments, and popular with sound engineers, event staff and seriously loud amplified musicians.

The PRO27 is a breakthrough in high-noise filtering, giving you an almost flat reduction of around 23dB through the low and mid range frequencies so that you maintain situation awareness and your ability to communicate, but can still be comfortable in very loud environments. In the higher frequencies the PRO27 gives you a stark jump in protection, offering up to 35dB where you need it most so you can carry on working or enjoying your passion in safety. With an average attenuation of 27dB the PRO27 can increase your safe exposure time by up to 9 times.

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PRO Impulse


Designed specifically for shooting.

Two modes of operation allow this filter to give a constant mid-level of protection, as well as reacting to give high level protection against sudden impulse noise such as gunfire.

The filter gives a constant noise reduction of approximately 15dB, increasing to a maximum of 33dB when activated by sudden high noise

Developed for military use the Impulse filter protects hearing from gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from nail guns, drop hammers and riveting. Designed to allow air to enter the ear, this unique filter technology retains spatiality and sound directionality as required in hunting and combat situations. Unlike competing products this ventilation minimizing the occlusion effect and reduces irritation within the ear canal, maximizing user comfort so limiting the causes of inflammation and infection

The Impulse filter has undergone full environmental testing for humidity, hot and cold temperatures, 12-hour comfort and sand storms. Fully washable with water and normal detergents, Impulse is suitable for all outdoor and indoor situations. The Impulse filter with custom mold has a constant noise SNR value of 15dB (estimated), suitable for continuous safe use to 100dB.

ANSI IPIL certified impulse protection is 33.1 dB maximum.

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