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Our PRO Series custom fit earplug range provides you with a perfect seal and comfortable fit, and offers the correct level of noise reduction regardless of the application. Our PRO filters range from 10 to 27dB reduction so you can be sure you are getting the hearing protection you need. Start protecting your hearing today!

Our custom fit PRO Series earplugs have been designed from scratch to our very own specification.

Whether you need them for a work or leisure environment, choose your PRO below and click on the image for full product details.

The soft silicone earplugs are custom made to fit your ears perfectly, combining a comfortable fit with a perfect seal to prevent sound leakage.

Our PRO sound attenuating filters reduce sound to safe levels rather than just blocking it out, and we have seven different filters available to provide you with the most appropriate level of noise reduction.

To help you make an informed choice, check out our PRO Series comparison guide.

For information on safe listening times using ACS PRO Series products check out our guide.


The ACS Universal earplug range combines high quality with convenience. These off-the-shelf products can be used straight from the pack, with filters manufactured to the same quality standards as the custom range so you can be sure you are still getting a high fidelity hearing protector.

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